my HP laptop is not certified but works very well in ubuntu. can I comment on it?

Asked by Piet Beukes

can I comment somewhere on your system on hardware which works well in ubuntu but is not part of your certification projects. eg my HP laptop - a pavilion dv4000 - as well as my printer - a Brother, etc. Why comment? It took me some time to find a good printer which really works. I want to share it so others dont struggle as I did in beginning to find a good printer. And I am very happy with my HP laptop, but you make no mention of it in your program.

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Piet Beukes (zabear1) said :

I am writing this in responce to Ara's blog on planet ubuntu where she asks comments re the certification program. Rusty

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William Fulton (williamfultondo) said :

Why are there no hp laptops under certification?

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Victor Tuson Palau (vtuson) said :

Hi Rusty,

re: where to place information - I guess you can put that information here or in the ubuntu forums. We do have a programme starting to looking into this area (i.e. peripheral compatibility) but it is at a very early stage:

With respect your 2nd question - Certification is manufacturer driven. This is due to the cost involved on certifying a system (people's time but also purchasing systems and keeping them in a lab). HP has not asked us to certify their laptop range and also it has not been included in Canonical's "most popular" programme, where we take on the expense of certifying systems that are deemed most popular in the community.

IMHO, The more Ubuntu users asking for certified hardware, the bigger the incentive for companies like HP to work with us to get them certified.

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Brendan Donegan (brendan-donegan) said :

Also, I might add that, with all due respect, different people's definitions of 'works well' can vary, depending on their requirements. For example, I don't know do you use an external monitor and docking station with your machine? I do (mine's also a HP) and if I close the lid of the machine even once then I'm unable to switch the output display. If I didn't use a monitor then I would definitely say the laptop 'works well'.

The certification program is a thorough set of tests which offers a strict definition of 'works well'. That's the difference.

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Ara Pulido (ara) said :

I would add that there is a community driven program aimed to test Ubuntu on laptops and report back.

You can check the documentation of the program at:

Feel free to add your laptop to that list and complete the required tests.


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Piet Beukes (zabear1) said :

Hi everyone, thanx for the comments and I have looked at the links and will follow up on it.
However, 'Works with Ubuntu' is over the top for me (a soho small real-estate business in RSA and no developer! and no! programming experience and to old and busy to start learning - dont ask, just believe me :-)).
2 items:
1) the community system report back (Ara's link) works with each release - but there is no product specific place to report (as far as I can see). Btw, thanks Ara for your info on Planet Ubuntu - I've been reading PU for a number of years already.

Now, I have been using my HP over several Ubuntu releases and for a few years - and it worked out of the box from the start. Yes, I have not tested it as a developer could and would test it (re Brendan), but for the soho use it worked well and was the cheapest option I could get and is still giving me good service. - Perhaps I am just lucky?! but I'm also satisfied with it - and I've had it for a few years now and it takes the beating I give it.

I dont mind if Canonical hardware tests it, I just want to say somewhere I am VERY happy with it so others can try it and perhaps be as satisfied as I am and not struggle trying to find something.
But to go to each release since I started using it and now comment on it - why bother? Is there no place which is product specific where I can say: 'Hey, this laptop works for me.'

2) I also mentioned the 'Brother' printer regarding which I wish to do the same. Any comments? I bought and tried at least 2 or 3 other printers which I still have and is brand new and which is no use to me (with Ubuntu), before someone suggested the Brother. Other people should not have to buy one printer after the other to try it out if it works with Ubuntu.. If the Brother did not work, I would have had to switch back to MS because I am not alone at the office - the pressure was terrible on me to continue working with Ubuntu while I struggled to find a printer which to use with Ubuntu. I was lucky - the Brother works like a dream. But where can I give back by reporting this? Everything is just PC driven on the certification sites (again as far as I could see)
Greetings (old!) Rusty

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Ara Pulido (ara) said :

Hello Rusty,

For question 1)

The Laptop testing program has also a list of systems. You can check it at:

If your system is not there, you could add your own report so others can know how well Ubuntu works on it :-)

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Piet Beukes (zabear1) said :

re Ara, Perhaps I am missing something (?) but my issue in my last post (in point 1) is not regarding a forum for a specific release (Maverick) but regarding a PRODUCT specific place to report on hardware (e.g., a place where I could comment on an HP PC, and file my view on my specific HP laptop at that forum - which I have been using over various releases). Is there such a space or forum? If there is not such a space/forum, would it not make sense for the hardware devision to create such a forum. Is there (point 2) a place to report on the printer? Please note I am not trying to make more words, I am responding to your request for comments in the pUbuntu of this morning/yesterday. I will however be responding at the forum which you gave. Rusty

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said :

This question was expired because it remained in the 'Open' state without activity for the last 15 days.

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Jeff Lane  (bladernr) said :

I realize that this question was somewhat answerd over a year and a half ago, but for the benefit of anyone searching who finds this question, the new answer is the Ubuntu Friendly project. Please see the attached FAQ and for more details.
FAQ #1976: “Is my system Certified or Tested with Ubuntu?”.

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Jeff Lane  (bladernr) said :

Setting this to answered... it was left to expire before, but the Ubuntu Friendly program developed since then answers this rather well.

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