IBM ServeRAID Problems

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If you have an IBM server with a MegaRAID adapter, you will need to configure at least one RAID array, JBOD on MegaRAID is not supported. To set this up, you will need to access the raid Adapter's configuration utility. To access this utility, you will need to press a key combination (usually ctrl-z or ctrl-c) when the MegaRAID adapter displays it's startup data during boot. The output from the card will tell you which keys to press. If you need assistance in configuring your RAID card, please consult IBM support. Their user guides should help guide you through configuring your ServeRAID card.

IBM provides “hardware only warranty” support for Ubuntu. IBM systems debug, management and update tools may or may not work with Ubuntu. IBM and Canonical provide no warranty as to the function of these tools. IBM support personnel will accept problem reports for IBM Hardware ONLY if it is clear that the root cause of the problem appears to be a basic hardware warranty problem, such as a defective power supply, fan or fixed disk.

IBM customers that have a problem where the operating system or device driver interaction may be a contributing factor, (could include memory, processor, RAID/storage subsystems, networking devices, other option cards and system management technology), customers should open problem reports with both Canonical (through Ubuntu Advantage) and IBM to engage through TSAnet.