My certified system has hardware that doesn't work

Created by Jeff Lane on
certified hardware component device

We're really sorry this happened, but In the fast moving world of consumer hardware, you are quite likely to encounter a computer model that has different hardware than the model that Canonical has listed as Certified. This happens frequently with laptops and netbooks where you may have an OEM selling one model that many different hardware configurations.

These hardware differences commonly involve different video cards, wireless cards and ethernet devices.

It is for this reason that we provide a list of hardware in each certified system on the system's page at

If your particular variant of a system model is not the same as the one we have certified, there is no guarantee you will enjoy the same user experience as you would with a model variant that WAS certified.

If you have issues with a particular piece of hardware on a certified system, please file a bug by opening a terminal and issuing the command:

ubuntu-bug linux

You will be prompted to answer some questions to help narrow the focus of your bug down. Once filed, your bug will be triaged and acted on accordingly.