My system does not properly hibernate or resume from hibernate.

Created by Jeff Lane on
s4 hibernate sleep

Hibernation is considered a "grey list" item for Ubuntu certification. That means that it is tested, but if a system fails to successfully hibernate or resume from hibernation, it will not fail certification (but should receive a note stating that Hibernation may not work).

There are many technical reasons why the hibernate sleep state may fail to work while suspend to RAM, or the S3 Sleep state, also known simply as "Suspend" will work fine. Suffice it to say, that on some machines, Hibernate simply will not work. If you are having issues with hibernation on a machine, please file a bug by typing the following into a console or terminal window:

ubuntu-bug linux

and in the bug, be sure to provide FULL DETAIL of what you are trying to do, what you observe happening, and what you expect the result to actually be.