How to recover grub2 after installing Windows

Created by Jeff Lane on
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Q: I installed Ubuntu on my computer and then installed Windows 7. Now I get the Windows Bootloader and can not boot Ubuntu!

A: This is a fairly common problem. When you installed Windows, the Windows installer overwrote the boot sector of the hard disk with the Windows bootloader. Unlike pretty much every Linux out there that kindly sets up multiple boot scenarios for you, the Windows installer refuses to configure any other OS but itself.

If you insist on using the Windows Bootloader, you can configure that to boot Linux. You'll have to Google that for yourself, thought.

If you'd prefer to use Grub2 instead, you can easily fix this with a little command line usage. Follow the instructions provided on this question:

This will guide you through the process of recovering grub2 on your system and being able to boot both Windows and Linux.