Where can I find a Pre-install/Manufacturer image

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Pre-install custom image
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Po-Hsu Lin

Systems that have been marked as "Certified (Pre-install Only)" have the following note:

1) A special image of Ubuntu is available via the computer manufacturer designed for this specific computer. It takes advantage of hardware features for these systems and may include proprietary software and codecs. Please contact the computer manufacturer for access to that specific Ubuntu operating system version.

2) Standard images of Ubuntu may not work at all on this system or may not work well. Canonical and computer manufacturers try to certify all OEM systems with standard releases of Ubuntu, although we are not yet there in 100% of cases."

Please Note that the "Special image" mention in point 1) might not be available for download and might only be available in some regions as pre-loaded in systems. Canonical distributes this images to OEM/ODMs for pre-installation in their systems.

However, for a system marked as "Certified (Pre-install Only)" , canonical will aim to provide the same level of support in future standard Ubuntu Releases.

For example: A system marked as "Certified (Pre-install Only)" for 10.04 LTS, we will aim to ensure certification with the standard Ubuntu image for 10.10. In some cases this will not be possible and support within standard Ubuntu may only appear in 11.04.