Is plugin-implementation planned?

Asked by Martin Simon on 2011-05-17

Hi guys,
I definetly love your browser and I start using it on a daily basis. So I came up with the question if you were anywhere
near of planning a plugin-implementation.
I think it would really help out Ubumonkey if you could do so once you've got some time.
Keep up your great work.


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ubudog (linuxdude) said : #1

Thanks, that means a lot to us! And to answer your question, yep! We should have plugin support, tab support, and a bunch of new features by the 3.0 release, which will be written in C++. In fact, we already have a prototype build in the svn under trunk/3.0/UbuMonkey-Build-Desktop.

Martin Simon (martin.simon) said : #2

That's quite nice indeed. Your answer brought up another question: v3.0 will be written in C++, does that mean that you are ditching REAL? Are you going to rebuild Ubumonkey from scratch?


Best ubudog (linuxdude) said : #3

We may not completely ditch REAL, but we are definitely going to use C++ for all major releases. And yes, we are building UbuMonkey 3.0 from scratch in C++. There is already a small prototype built in the svn. There is one more REAL release coming up, 2.2, then 3.0 will be released written in C++.

ubudog (linuxdude) said : #4

I added an FAQ for the question.
FAQ #1605: “Is plugin-implementation planned?”.

Martin Simon (martin.simon) said : #5

Thanks ubudog, that solved my question.

ubudog (linuxdude) said : #6

No problem, thanks for reporting those bugs, those should all be fixed in 2.2. :-)