General Questions

Created by Christopher Lunsford on on 2009-05-31
Last updated by:
Christopher Lunsford on on 2009-05-31

Question: Where is ubotuTN located?
   ubotuTN currently lives on a Dell Optiplex in Knoxville, Tennessee US

Question: What code base is ubotuTN created from?
   ubotuTN is made from the rbot framework, see for more information.

Question: Where can I find a list of features and plugins ubotuTN has?
   In the README file

Question: What versioning scheme does ubotuTN use?
   The rbot version followed by a hyphen and the number of features made by the Tennessee LoCo. So ubotuTN-0.9.14-2
   means it's rbot version 0.9.14 with 2 plugins the Tennessee LoCo has made.