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Asked by Yonsung Lee on 2013-07-24

The current fixed width feels way too narrow, both on my 1366x768 laptop display and my 1680x1050 monitor. Even compared to iA Writer, it feels very congested. Is there a way to change text width in the config files, and is there a chance you could add an option in the UI to change the width to utilize extra screen estate?

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Wolf Vollprecht (w-vollprecht) said : #1


currently there is no such option, but I am planning to introduce a config system in the future which would allow such things to be done "cleanly".

Right now, the only thing you could do is go into the actual code (/opt/extras.ubuntu.com/uberwriter/ )
And change "lm = ..." in window_resize function (lm is the variable for the left and right margin ...) -- I am assuming that you're on 13.04 or 12.10?
If you need help with that don't hesitate to ask :)

Hamid (hamid-online) said : #2

I was having the same problem where high-resolution window was leading with only about 45 character width.

Following Wolf's advice, I made the following change to the code and it seems to work well:

1) Open this file (using "sudo gedit") in the terminal

2) Replace this line:
        lm = min(winwidth - 600, winwidth*.35)/2
        winwidth = widget.get_size()[0]
        lm = min(winwidth - 600, winwidth*.35)/2

The window resized nicely, small when the window was small but not exceeding ~70 when window is large.

I hope that helps someone else. Thank you Wolf for giving some details on how to change it!

Hamid (hamid-online) said : #3

Sorry - dont know how to edit answer. Step two should read:

2) Replace this line:
       lm = (widget.get_size()[0] - 600) / 2
        winwidth = widget.get_size()[0]
        lm = min(winwidth - 600, winwidth*.35)/2

Hamid (hamid-online) said : #4


While this changes the editor column-wdith, it does not affect the preview width. Any suggestions on how to change that would be appreciated.

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