Font size options for high resolution screens?

Asked by Martin Virtel on 2013-01-17

I have a very high resolution screen (Full HD at 11 inches, an Asus ZenBook) and would prefer a larger font size. Perhaps twice as much. Because it's a bit to small to read. Is there a setting - even somewhere in the source code, if nothing else helps - where I can modify that?

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Wolf Vollprecht (w-vollprecht) said : #1

Hi Martin,

In the source code, yes:

Open /opt/

and search for "Ubuntu Mono 15pt"

Obviously, you can change the font size there. But now you'll have the problem, that the left indentation isn't working correctly anymore, as it's also hardcoded.
Therefore you have to open /opt/ and search for "self.rev_leftmargin", "self.leftmargin", "self.leftindent" and change the values to something appropriate.

For example, you will probably have to replace the 10x multiplication in these functions with something bigger. But really, I got these values through experimentation.

On related news: I am planning to make this a little simpler with the next release :)



Martin Virtel (martin-virtel) said : #2

OK, thanks for the tips, I will venture into the source code, but I'm nevertheless looking forward to the next release. I don't know if there's a decent way of handling this automatically, though, just by calculating font size based on window width. Just to keep Uberwriter as setting-free as possible ;-)

Wolf Vollprecht (w-vollprecht) said : #3

Actually, this is already implemented in the «beta» version. There are 3 different font sizes now, depending on the width of the window (in pixel).

But it'll also be easier to change these fontsizes through dconf-editor or some json-config files :)