Second hard drive on LAMP Appliance

Asked by djtalreaktor

try to search and in 2 days period can not find answer for couple questions
I install lamp on free standing server and i am empress about your software but still have some questions

1 how to format my second hard drive using turnkey
2 how change www folder to use my second hard-drive as path for main site (in other words use 1 hard drive as os bootable and second one as site database

all suggestions welcome

Thank you in advance

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Alon Swartz
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Doug Stanley (doug-stanley) said :

I can probably help, but I'll need a little more info.

Did you install from the "server" cd, or the desktop cd? Basically, does it have a graphical desktop, or just a command line interface?

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Doug Stanley (doug-stanley) said :

Oops, nevermind, didn't realize what "TurnKey" was. I'm not really familiar with that, so maybe I'll let one of the other people answer this.

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djtalreaktor (djtalreaktor) said :

if i use ubuntu than I can format but in this case i use turnkey ...thats the problem i am facing ....

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Best Alon Swartz (alonswartz) said :

TurnKey appliances are Ubuntu underneath, so whatever you can do in Ubuntu you can do on a TurnKey Linux appliance.

Firstly, you will want to partition and format your drive, see:

Once thats done, you can move onto configuration. There are multiple ways to configure a setup you are referring to, for example, you can use symlinks, mount binding, or updating the configuration files.

Helpful hints:
  - apache2 default webroot is /var/www, configured in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default
  - mysql default location is /var/lib/mysql, configured in /etc/mysql/my.cnf (I think, I'm writing this from memory)
  - gotcha: don't forget to stop the deamons before moving the files/directories across (eg. /etc/init.d/mysql stop)
  - gotcha: you will need to either update the configuration or mount bind mysql, symlink won't work

I hope the above helps, let me know know if you need more detailed info.

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djtalreaktor (djtalreaktor) said :

Thank you very much!!!!

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djtalreaktor (djtalreaktor) said :

Thanks Alon Swartz, that solved my question.