"Grub Loading, please wait... error 15"

Asked by Chip W

Just got turnkey linux drupal installed, apparently successfully. Reboot the computer and it booted to a command prompt. I rebooted with the cd in the drive, selected Boot from first drive, and it results in this message -

Grub Loading, please wait... error 15

then a couple minutes later it shows -

Booting from local disk

I removed the cd and rebooted without it and am back at the first error 15 messsage.
What to do? Reinstall?

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Chip W
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Alon Swartz (alonswartz) said :

When installing did you use Guided Partitioning, or did you use Manual? If you used Manual, what was your setup?
You could attempt to debug the issue, but the easiest way would be to just re-install.

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Chip W (chip-wiegand) said :

Ok, the error 15 no longer comes up, but the boot-up hangs on

booting from local disk

I did a reinstall, ran manual partitioning this time (had been using guided previously). The partitions are as follows -

SCSI3 (0,0,0)(sda) 40.0 GB ATA WDC WD400BB-stuff
> #1 Primary 38.3 GB B F ext3 /
> #5 Logical 1.7 GB F Swap

I had the partitions formatted, the reinstall appears to have completed successfully. At the end there was a screenful of lines of text messages that went away too quickly to read any.

This same hard drive previously had Windows 7 installed and working, and before that it had Ubuntu, and before that XP Pro. So the drive itself should not have any problems even as old as it is.

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Chip W (chip-wiegand) said :

I've installed ubuntu, xampp and drupal all manually and have the whole system up and running.