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Asked by Rainer on 2016-10-27

I'm using TomDroid and TomBoy (under Ubuntu) a long time with out any problem. Now I get sync errors. I take a look at adb logcat and see that for the notes show "I/SyncService(27632): Notes are same date, doing nothing:..." entry. I change one note and take again a look. All notes, except the modified, occur with "I/SyncService(27632): Notes are same date, doing nothing:....".

On my smart phone I see for a short time a message "Fehler beim Verarbeiten der Antwort von SD-Karte" (my translation to English: Error during processing the SD-Card) and then an error frame:

Es ist ein Fehler beim Analysieren Ihrer Notitzen aufgetreten. Falls dieses Problem wiederholt auftritt melden Sie es bitte!

(my translation to English: There was an error during analzying my notes. Please report)

Is there any way how I can solve or analyze the problem.

Thanks and regards Rainer

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Rainer (r-e-l) said : #2

Is the-are still anybody how looks at this question?


sorry for the late reply. We moved the project to Github, so it might be better to comment there next time :)
To your question: how do you sync, whats your setup? syncing to files on the sd card?
have you tried to export the notes, clear the apps data and import again to reset the sync history completely?

sorry, not answered :)

Rainer (r-e-l) said : #5


I use the function "SYNCHRONISIERN" at the upper right corner. This should be syncing files to the SD-Card!

Under preferences was SD-Card defined.

I use Tomdroid on a Smartpone and a Tablet. Both get the sync error. Because I normally make my changes on the Smartphone, sync Tomdroid to SD-Card, Sync the SD-Card data with my Laptop to Ubuntu Tomboy Notes, Then sync to the Tablet. Then Tomdroid on the Tablet with SD-Card. THis now doesn't work because the Tomdroid sync to SD-Card gets the error on Smartphone and Tablet.

I See no way to export the Tomdroid data? How should I do that? I need to export the Tomdroid data vom the Smartphones Tomdroid because there are the newset versions.

Thanks and regards Rainer

Rainer (r-e-l) said : #6

I found the problem. I dont not how a file was created that results in this sync error. I assume it was created by a mistake. the contens of that note show me it contains data out of an other file which I known it does not belong to my Notes!

Here are the contens of that note:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<note version="0.3" xmlns:link="" xmlns:size="" xmlns="">
 <text xml:space="preserve"><note-content version="0.1">_zdlinfo_


I delete this file an all-thing goes right. May be You should desite is it an error of Tomdroid? In my opinion Tomdroid should not import such a badly text (unprintable character).

Regards Rainer

Awersome, that you found the issue! I will have a look at the faulty note, maybe some special characters are not escaped well enough. This is for sure an issue in Tomdroid then :)

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