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Asked by Avinash R on 2013-02-13

I know that the stable releases are given to Google Play only when the community is confident about the stability of the application. This involves that the general public to wait for the app to be well tested.

Many of the Application users (myself included), will be willing to use the beta(and hell even alpha) versions of the app, like the one with Google Chtome (stable, beta), and Firefox (Beta, Stable). These are the better examples of the way the organizations/communities are releving their developers from being too much of a tester.

The solution to this is that "Tomdroid Beta" app in google play (as mentioned in comment #4) that will make this project much more intresting as well as probably lure in more contributers


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First of all, thanks for your big interest in Tomdroid!
As you might have seen from the version history, in previous releases there was no beta version at all. This is normally not neccessary, as we do only little changes between the releases and raise the versions fast and often.

However, as from 0.6 to 0.7 we (acutally noahy mostly did!) introduced two-way-sync, a rich-text editor, android 4.0 support, native actionbar,... This many changes made it neccessary to somehow create something that ist not pushed into the market without testing. We decided to do some beta versions.

We already found out after the initial 0.7 release, that the code is not stable - not at all. It should not even be called beta, to be correctly. It will mess up your xml tags, change note-metadata to artificial dates, delete all your notes upon first sync,.... (I could go on).

So - in short - this "beta" versions we have at the moment are actually not even alpha stage, it is bleeding edge code in development. Further, as soon as 0.7.x is pushed to the market, there will be no reason any more to do another "beta" again.
From then on we will do small changes only, we will add little well tested features each new version.

I am very sorry to dissapoint you in this point, you just can't compare Tomdroid with big Browser developers!
However, you are very welcomed to download the 0.7.x versions from launchpad and test them - and, most importantly - report bugs, maybe even fix them and help us translate all the strings! Just be part of our small, cosy community ;-)

Greetings (and good night),

You can now subscribe to our beta releases published at Google Play following these steps:
1) Become a member of the Tomboy g+ community:
2) Activate beta testing with this link:
3) You should be able to install the latest beta (and all comming updates) using Google Play!

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