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Asked by Larry D. James on 2012-11-21

Can someone advise me of where to post suggestions for Tomdroid.

First, I'm wondering if there is some technical difficulties in adding the auto-sync to Tomdroid.

Tomdroid beta has worked very well in my environment for months. I miss not having a auto-sync function. When I start to work with my notes on my Android, I first have to perform the sync step to make sure the notes are updated. Then I make whatever updates or changes to my notes. Then I have to be sure to perform another sync to make sure I don't forget for when I get back to my computer.

Having a automatic sync feature would save a lot of time in working with Notes on the android.

I would like to put this in a feature request to the development team if I knew which page to link to.

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we are aware of this issue and plan to fix it after this beta got stable.

There are two ways of doing the "auto-sync":
we could create a background service that syncs every X hours, independently if something changed, or
do it the "google drive way" where they update every document before and after an edit. so if you click edit, the newest version comes to your device and afterwords on save it is pushed to the server again.

I would prefer the second way, although it is connected with waiting times on every edit. (so it has to be an option to not annoy people who don't want to wait).

What would you prefer?

Larry D. James (ljames) said : #2

Thanks Stefan Hammer, that solved my question.

Larry D. James (ljames) said : #3

Thanks, Stefan.

I thank the X-hour(s) method would be better. Often when one is trying to jot down a note they are on a mission to get it down quick before they forget it. Having to wait for a sync because of a slow or faulty Internet connection or anything other problem wouldn't be ideal.

Of course having the X-hour(s) method, the user could always click on manual sync if he thought he might have a version conflict or need the updated information. An option to resolve the version conflict such as auto-rename would suffice for any problems I could imagine. This is the way it's set on my computer.