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Asked by jasonwomack on 2012-01-11

Is it, or will it be, possible to configure the location where Tomdroid stores/finds notes? I have my instance of TomBoy configured to store my notes in a folder under my dropbox folder and it would be nice to have access to those notes on my Android device.

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There is already a branch existing, which addresses your issue:
I created a apk for you, if you would like to test it. Otherwise you can also wait for the next release - it probably will be included then.
Grab it here:

If you install it, please give me some feedback about the way of choosing a folder and if you would prefere it differently.


Did this ever make it into the release version? I would very much like to sync with dropbox, and can't see any way to select the folder in the current version on my phone. The link to the test-version above does not exist anymore.

Yes, the patch is already committed and will be included in the next release!

If you need the functionality very urgently, you are free to built the application from trunk.
You can get it with: bzr branch lp:tomdroid
Further steps are described in the sourcecode.


Thanks for the quick reply. I'll have a go at the source, and if that is too much trouble I'll just wait for the next release.

Thanks for your effort, I really enjoy having access to my notes on Android.

Allan Pratt (apratt-) said : #5

Bump. I really want this, but compiling from source is more Android hobby than I'm down for. The APK linked above is no longer online. Any thoughts on another build or new release?
There you go... keep in mind, that this is a not proper signed dev build. You will have to uninstall tomdroid first.
This version is no release, not tested and nothing. Use it with caution.

Thanks for the download, I did look at the sources but the bzr branch I downloaded did complain about missing translations et al.

I installed the apk, but cannot get it to work using file system folders. Ubuntu One sync still works.

When I try to point it to a directory on my SD card it just says "No notes found on SD card" when I try to sync. I even copied my Ubuntu One sync directory to the SD card, and still cannot get it to work.

Allan Pratt (apratt-) said : #8

@Anders: I had the same experience. Stefan said the "sync with a folder on SD card" feature only works when the notes are all at the top level, as plain *.note files in the named directory. This is different from the structure you get with the Tomboy "sync to local folder" feature, which uses subdirectories and manifest.xml files.

Layering hack upon hack, I can imagine creating a Linux script for Android which copies the current version of each note from the DropBox-synced directory structure up to a separate SD card folder, running that script periodically (with cron?), and pointing Tomdroid at that SD card folder. This hack will work as long as Tomdroid remains read-only.

Better still, of course, is to write and contribute the logic to let Tomdroid read the manifest.xml files and notes from the standard Tomboy-created directory structure. But as I said before, I don't need a new hobby right now.

Can you be specific about which version this will be included in, please? It is not in 0.5.0 as far as I can see. There is an option for SD card syncing, but no way to choose the folder.

It is included in the latest market release, 0.5.0. You should see this screen when klicking menu -> settings:

Location on SD card: there you can pick any already existing folder on your sd card!

Ok, thanks. But I already downloaded the 0.7.1 version in the mean time and found it there. But I can't see how that helps with Dropbox syncing really, since there is no local Dropbox folder on the phone like there is on a desktop computer. And it seems like the online syncing service is unable to connect to Dropbox. Is that one only for Ubuntu One? I think it should be possible to use with any service, like Dropbox, Google Disk, MS SkyDrive and others, to be of any use. Not everyone wants an Ubuntu One account.


 we do not officially support sync with any file-sharing-service. Also not Ubuntu One file sharing.

What we support, is the sync of your notes with any snowy server, a special server for syncing tomboy notes with the REST API.
Ubuntu One has such a note-syncing server - thats why you can sync with ubuntu one here.

I think it should be somehow possible to download your notes to the sdcard using dropbox. In tomdroid you than can choose this folder and sync with the sdcard. However, this procedure is not officially supported and tested by us.
We recommend to use a snowy server!

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