Is it planned to have write access to the ubuntu-one shared tomboy notes?

Asked by meral on 2011-06-05

And if yes, what would be the biggest hurdle to overcome? Since ubuntu is opensource too, how have they solved the write access?

Best regards and thank you for this piece of software!

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that is a very important question ;-)
i would love to see write access on Tomdroid, so i don't have to use other note-taking app on my phone than on my pc or laptop...

Olivier Bilodeau (plaxx) said : #2

Note editing / creation is planned. Sorry if it's long to come...

Luis Carlos Cobo (luiscarlos) said : #3

Is there any tentative date for this?

Olivier Bilodeau (plaxx) said : #4

Plans, schedules, deadlines don't work well with hobby projects. I'm the one
supposed to deliver the note editing but I have been really poor at setting
enough time aside to work on Tomdroid..

Luis Carlos Cobo (luiscarlos) said : #5


I hope I did not sound rude. I appreciate tomdroid a lot and I am very thankful for the work you have put on it so far, and I completely understand that is hard to make a concrete schedule. I was not trying to be pushy, just was curious in case you had some timeline in mind.

Anyway, again thanks for this app!

Faraz Khan (fkhan-zivios) said : #6

+1 on this request! Anxiously waiting for some write access!


Ladislav Ezr (ezr-ladislav) said : #9


Benjamin Baron (observaelsol) said : #11

Hi Olivier,
I am another guy interested in this project, so I am wondering if there is any way I can help? I have done some Java programming, and a little bit of Android. Please let me know if there is anything I can do or what is the best way to integrate into this project. I am not used to launchpad so I would need to look at that first I guess.


Dennis Mansell (dennmans) said : #12


nogloww (no.gloww) said : #13


NoahY (noahy) said : #14

Great news - we now have a dev apk that allows editing and two-way syncing. The apk is here:

The discussion is here (post bugs on this thread):

No response from Olivier yet, but tests seem to show it works - nonetheless, it probably will end up losing someone's notes due to some undiscovered bug, so don't forget to backup your tomboy notes before trying this out (Tomboy is good at erasing notes too :) ) Your notes are in ~/.local/share/tomboy

mkdir ~/.local/share/tomboy/backup
cp ~/.local/share/tomboy/* ~/.local/share/tomboy/backup

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