How to donate to Tomdroid?

Asked by crazy ivan on 2011-03-09

Hi guys, I'm really in need of the edit+search+notebook features, so I was thinking if a donation could help buy you guys some coffee :)

As far as I can see, neither did Google implement an easy way to make donation into the market, nor did launchpad, so I can understand that you think its not worth the hassle for you guys to set up an account or a website.

I'm new to android, so only maybe in some time I could help by smoke testing.

Best regards..

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n3rd (n3rd) said : #1

Excellent Idea, what about using and transfer the money to the developers paypal account? I would donate as well if chances are high to get the edit function soonish!

Olivier Bilodeau (plaxx) said : #2

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Tomdroid by donating!

I've been thinking about this problem (how to "guarantee" code and releases in exchange of donations) and I think I've come up with something that could work out well. Unfortunately I'm in a little sprint right now with an event I'm planning in my free time at the beginning of April.. So I can't put down in a blog post my proposal right now but I will after this event.

Thanks for your patience. I'll come back to you soon.

n3rd (n3rd) said : #3


waiting for your blog post.

n3rd (n3rd) said : #4

No news so far :|

n3rd (n3rd) said : #5

what about donating bitcoins?

crazy ivan (x-floc) said : #6

Yeah, bitcoins are intersting.. Shouldn't be so hard for Olivier to set up an account.
I personally am not so sure about participating in the mining process at the moment (electricity), but I guess the concept is that this will help the infrastructure grow.

Olivier Bilodeau (plaxx) said : #7


Sorry for the lack of updates.. I hate to say this again but it's coming!

AFD (anthonyfoxdavies) said : #8

I would also donate!

I hate the idea of having to use Evernote / Nevernote on Ubuntu+Android

Hermann San (hermann-san) said : #9

I vote for donating too.

some Suggestions:

- a donate app on Play Store.
- a paid Pro Version of Tomdroid with advanced features. Similar to what Xprivacy has
- Bitcoins
- Paypal
- Money Transfer via european IBAN - There are plenty of free , dedicated bank accounts available (at least in germany)

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