Tomboy "Local Folder" synchronization service

Asked by SoapSeller on 2010-12-22


Currently the SD card method is using different directory structure than the standard Tomboy synchronization folder.
I'm using the standard way to synchronize my notes across several computers(using Dropbox).

I was wondering if there is any plan to implement synchronization against the standard directories.
If it's planed/there-are-no-objections-to-this, and no-one is working on it I can dive in and implement such provider.

I will love to hear any thoughts about this issue.

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #1

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Benoit Garret (benoit.garret) said : #2

I have an answer!

Benoit Garret (benoit.garret) said : #3


This is definitely something we would like to see. This would be much better than the current manual way of syncing notes by hand and would bring the sd card syncing much closer to the web one.

Unfortunately, I don't believe any of the maintainers has the time to implement such a feature. This means you're free to work on it!

One thing I found tremendously useful when working one the web synchronization was the source code of Tomboy. The code used to sync with the file system should be here: .

I noticed you created a branch and committed preliminary work, and wanted to warn you about refactoring. It puts an additional burden on the maintainer who'll merge your work and makes contributing to the software harder (imagine if every patch submitter would refactor things as he would like). Of course we won't be against every refactoring, but please think hard about whether it's really necessary or not and prepare your arguments in case you still decide to do it.

Looking forward to your work ;-)

SoapSeller (soapseller) said : #4


Finally I have some free time to work on this.

My refactoring work was in order to be able to keep the current folder sync working and be able to switch between the two for testing purpose.
Basically I've moved the control of the sync preferences into the sync providers.

However, It's not a must, and after I'll have working code it can decide if this change will be committed or not.
I did it mostly as a way to get familiar with the project code.
I'll keep it mind and make the code easy to integrate into the existing code base without the refactoring.

Thanks for your answer!

Ankur Sinha (sanjay-ankur) said : #5

Hi folks,

This is exactly what I was looking for. Any chance of this being included in an apk release soon? It would be great to have automatic local sync set up!

Warm regards,