Tomdroid will fill a huge Android need - how can I help?

Asked by Tim on 2010-04-07

As far as I can tell, there is no rich-text capable note-taking application for Android that also provides remote syncing with the option of syncing to one's own server (i.e., not a 3rd party provider). Tomdroid will fill a huge need.

How can a non-developer help with the Tomdroid project? I am really looking forward to using Tomdroid in production use with two-way syncing in place. I will be glad to help write documentation and update wiki pages when things get to that point. What else needs to be done to help move this project along to bring it to a point where it is a fully functional 1.0?

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Olivier Bilodeau (plaxx) said : #1

> no rich-text capable note-taking application for Android

My guess is that it would be because there's no built-in rich-editing components. However, I haven't looked around much since the last year at what people have been doing in that area.

At first, I'm not planning rich-text editing though, only basic markup with syntax like *bold*, /italic/, * bullets, etc. I think it'll cover enough to be useful. So it'll be used. Then it'll allow users and developers to ram into serious syncing bugs that we will fix. Then we will be ready for OMG rich-editing stuff ;)

> How can a non-developer help with the Tomdroid project?

On top of my head, here's the stuff you can do if you are not an android developer:

- test releases on your phone
- try to validate, reproduce bugs (although there are not that many now)
- redo the tomboy logo
I did it before google released quality SVG of the android logo. I'm particularly interested in keeping the white border around the arms of the android. Check in data/ for source SVG. You can use inkscape (free) to do this.
- if you are a web guy: build a website (I own

Within a couple of months, translations will become something interesting too I guess but unfortunately not now.

I am also very interested in suggestions / comments of course!

And I almost forgot the most important: Report everything that doesn't seem natural for you! User experience issues. Ie: wrong language for messages, button location, text size, etc. I'm really interested in having this thing rock and I believe details like these are important for great software.

QRohlf (qrohlf) said : #2

  I'm a beginning Android developer with some previous coding experience. I'm also pretty handy with Joomla CMS systems. I'd like to help with the project - where do you feel that I could do the most good? (I was thinking either designing a website for you, working on the UI layout/etc., or just working on some part of the code that needs some love)

  An important thing to note is that I have never coded in a group environment before, so all of the procedures for contributing patches, etc. will be new to me.

Anyways, I would like to help. Just tell me how!

John Bartolucci (bartojoh) said : #3

I've been developing in C++ for 20 years and would like to get involved in a distributed Android development project like this one. I am a noobie Java developer though, so while I know good design principles, coding practices etc., I'm not up to speed on the Java toolset.

Perhaps you would like me to look at some non-critical Java component? Some XML analysis? Whatever, I like the look of this project and wouldn't mind contributing some of my time.

AJenbo (ajenbo) said : #4

I would also love to help out,I can do a bit of progrmming some web stuff, graphic work, bug managing and translation.

I thing I would like to tackle making a new icon and enabling translation. Could you tell me your plans for enabling translation and how I could help out there?

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