How to start on Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity

Asked by berlinsayshello on 2011-06-02


The new panel on Ubuntu 11.04. is not "right-clickable" anymore, so I can't figure out how to add the timer applet, which is dear to me:-) I see Volume, Keyboard, Date and Time and Logout, but I suppose there is no direct way anymore to access the panel.

I've tried to run "timer-applet" in the terminal in the hope it would then add it to the new panel (I don't even know if that is still the Gnome panel), however no joy.

So, how do I solve this mystery:-))

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Kenny Meyer
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Kenny Meyer (knny-myer) said : #1


It is currently not possible to run Timer Applet if you are using GNOME 3, though if you are still using GNOME 2 it should still work.

Can you share your GNOME version information, please?

berlinsayshello (aviodo) said : #2


I'm currently using Unity with a Gnome Shell, I suppose. I actually can't figure out what version Gnome is hiding beyond Unity, interestingly, but synaptic says something like this: libgnome-desktop-2-17. Does that help?

Assuming I was running a version of Gnome that is good, is there command I could run for the timer to just load onto the panel?

berlinsayshello (aviodo) said : #3

When I select classic environment before login, Gnome loads and I can add all the goodies to the panes. However, when I log in again into Unity, only few applets remain, like logout, time/date, email, sound, network and keyboard.

So I suppose this is a Unity issue and we have to wait until somehow all the applets are "translated" to Unity.

Hmmm, this makes me think about not using Unity right now and staying with Gnome as my default DE.

Best Kenny Meyer (knny-myer) said : #4

Yes, you cannot use Timer Applet in Unity. Also a lot of other applet won't work.

Applet support will slowly be dropped in future versions of GNOME, so Timer Applet will be only useful to GNOME 2 users.

berlinsayshello (aviodo) said : #5

Thanks Kenny. This is sort of sad:-(

berlinsayshello (aviodo) said : #6

Thanks Kenny Meyer, that solved my question.

Kenny Meyer (knny-myer) said : #7

Yes it is. :(