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Asked by Vad Kay on 2010-08-21

Hey guys,

First off, thanks a bunch for the applet! Then comes the following question: is it possible - by any means available to the end-user - to change the size of the running countdown tray icon? Say, I'd like it to be inline with Ubuntu 10.04 tray icons size and color scheme wise hence the question.

Rock on!

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Vad Kay (spaceye) said : #1

Or even go that fas as introduce following Countdown Icon params in Preferences (on the second thought I'm guessing you're drawing it dynamically):

- size;
- main color;
- time spent sector.


Kenny Meyer (knny-myer) said : #2

Now, tell me what is *not* possibly with Timer Applet :-) .

Back to your question:
No, it's not possible for the user to set the the panel icon size currently. The additional preferences are interesting; of what exactly you want to shrink/expand the size? The panel icon text? The icon itself?

What do you think about an option in the preferences dialog to leave nothing but the Timer Applet icon with the animation. The option's name:
 - Show text in panel

+1 for your idea from my side.

Vad Kay (spaceye) said : #3

I'm okay with text (e.g. font and size), so no worries here.

The icon – if you draw it dynamically – might have size option where minimum stands for the hardcoded meaningful minimum size and maximum – that of panel's current vertical size minus some pixels; when nothing is set – default to max... I'm not familiar with neither restrictions behind the code, nor applet input elements and how you can control user input, set default values, etc, so please excuse me if that sounds way off topic.

Also it would be cool to have three color options: main circle, time spent section and border colors. So that it won't be falling out of the line with user's current color scheme. For example I like latest Ubuntu's take on simple monochromatic icons and I would like to have the ability to change the color values in this case to match my other panel icons as it's me who'll be seeing this fancy circle all the time and it would be really awesome for it to be inline with the rest of them.

So, overall here's mockup with icons: left being shopped icon, right – current implementation (v2.2beta1):

As for your question – don't you have it by now as "Show remaining time while timer is running"? Sorry if mistaken here!

Thanks for taking your time to answer on this one, Kenny!

Kenny Meyer (knny-myer) said : #4

Thanks Vad Kay, for your detailed description.

I will hopefully work on this soon, and I will request your feedback when there are unknown variables coming.

Vad Kay (spaceye) said : #5

You're welcome, Kenny!

If anything - ping me, I'm almost always online.

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