How do I make the CIA bot in IRC show my commits in bzr?

Created by Savvas Radevic on on 2009-03-14
CIA IRC bot code commit
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Savvas Radevic on on 2009-04-18

The CIA bot in #timekpr is kindly provided by the project. It is useful to let people know about commits directly in the IRC channel.

Unfortunately, launchpad does not provide direct built-in support for tracking yet:

How to use it? (TODO TODO!)
If you are a developer/maintainer and want to show your commits in IRC:

0) Register a nickname in

1) Install cia-clients and bzr:
sudo apt-get install cia-clients bzr

2) Set up bazaar:
bzr launchpad-login
bzr whoami

The commands above will set up the $HOME/.bazaar/ configuration folder, and should list some files:
dir -l $HOME/.bazaar

We are interested in editing bazaar.conf in that folder:
gedit $HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf

Add the following 2 lines:
cia_user = medigeek
cia_send_revno = true

This will be read by and will link it to my nickname/username, medigeek (username registered in ).

3) Now configure the branch of timekpr:
bzr branch lp:timekpr timekpr-trunk
cd timekpr-trunk
bzr cia-project timekpr

After this, you should be able to use commands such as:
bzr commit -m 'test'

They will automatically show the new commit.
NOTE: "bzr commit" does NOT send the commit to the launchpad branch - you have to use "bzr push lp:timekpr" for that.