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Asked by Zeeshan on 2018-04-27

Will there be a new version of timekpr for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?
It uses Gnome instead of Unity.

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Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said : #1

I personally am using Unity, I don't like Gnome3 :)
Indicator should work in gnome3 as it did previously, 18.04 version should be ready in couple of hours, I'll try to install that in VM and let's see what happens.

Lee Elenbaas (lee-elenbaas) said : #2

For me it installed the package
the service seems to be running
but i am unable to run the gui - and i don't see any error, or log that i can use to decipher the issue

Björn (bj-ho) said : #3

Same to me, discribed by lee-elenbaas.
Fresh install of ubuntu 18.04, service is running but I can not launch the gui.

Zeeshan (zeeshanhasan) said : #4

Had to reinstall ubuntu 16.04 on the family desktop as I couldn't get timekpr working in 18.04.

Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said : #5

Well, I have discovered an odd situation in packaging, which I'll resolve shortly... It seems that Ubuntu changed some packang scrits which just replace python with python2 and drops the rest in trash...
I'll try to fix it today...

Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said : #6

Fixed, please update timekpr.

Andreas (andi.y) said : #7

tried with 18.04 and it works. Thank you very much (where can I donate..?)
Anyway the icon doesn't apear in status-bar and the user can not read his rest-time.

Björn (bj-ho) said : #8

Great, thanks a lot. Tray-icon works in ubuntu budgie 18.04 and xubuntu 18.04. In Ubuntu 18.04 there is no tray-icon shown, but the notifications abaut remaining time are shown. And think aubout a possibiulity do donate something ;-)

Zeeshan (zeeshanhasan) said : #9

Installed ubuntu 18.04 mate. Timekpr works! Thanks!

Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said : #10

That must be a compatibility issue with newer gnome stack, I'll try to do smth about it, hopefully soon:)

Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said : #11

Those crazy Gnome devs removed "systray" altogether, no more little nice status icons in vanilla gnome :( This means TimeKpr shows the icon, but Gnome won't show it to You...

To get them back, You need to install "TopIcons" extension from Gnome Extensions page https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/495/topicons/ .