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Asked by L.Artev

thanks for maintaining this great project! The new version 0.2.1 works well and has a lot of options. I really appreciate the effort.

I've been wondering if it was possible to add a rule for max. session length. It would start a counter once a session starts. Once the specified time (e.g. 1h30min) has run out, it ends the session. Adding a break would be good, too. Specifying the length of the break (e.g. 1h00min). During the break log-in would not be possible.

It is currently possible to do something similar by using the daily limits. However, there may be unexpected delays (traffic jam, late bus), which disrupts the schedule. This new option would give more flexibility. In the configuration app there could be new tab for this. This would be a great feature, if it is feasible. What do you think?

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Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said :

It is possible, but first of all, I would like to get some feedback on current state.
If it works fine for majority of users, then I'll start slowly on additional features.

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L.Artev (elli2) said :

Sure, thats important too.

Currently it works well. Fully functional and stable. The test was on Linux Mint 18.1 MATE 32-bit. I've found a minor cosmetic thing:
When the time runs out, timekpr ends the session. However, it is possible to log in briefly again. It then shows 0m 0s remaining and logs out after 10 s again. Isn't it supposed to prevent login and show "incorrect username or password" or "account is locked" in that case?

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Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said :

If it works like You said, Timekpr-nExT is working properly. This was design decision.
In previous versions it locked the account and then showed "invalid username or password" which frustrated users, because username and password were fine, they wanted "account is locked", but it's not exactly how account lock works with login managers, so I decided not to lock account and just kill sessions after 15 secs (default) after they log in.

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L.Artev (elli2) said :

Okay, thanks!

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Ilya (il9) said (last edit ):

Hello. I want to join to the request of this feature. I don't understand why it has "solved" status already? Did I miss it in the app? Right now, I use five minutes periods at the end of every hour throughout the day to accomplish the goal to stand up for the rest regularly. But such solution is a bit ugly. Would be great to count "a session" from a login to the specific time without counting small breaks (e.g. lock for less than 5 min for example). It also could be useful for people who use the pomodoro technique. It's a pretty popular thing nowadays.

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Eduards Bezverhijs (mjasnik) said (last edit ):

It's solved, because this is a question section of the LP and OP (or maybe me) has closed this as solved in 2019.

Maybe the time has passed, but I don't quite get the details of "feature" you ask.

Can you please describe it in detail, like, how it actually should work in real world with simple example?