Unexpected Middle Button behaviour after "Putty Style Paste" selected

Asked by David Goldfarb on 2017-05-07

Like others I use the "right click to paste" functionality of PuTTY and Terminator after having used the "edit terminal.py" hack for over a year. The "middle button" is hard to access on a Laptop with a trackpad and 2 buttons (simultaneous click doesn't always work), and I switch from Linux to Windows frequently.

I recently installed Fedora25 which uses the gtk3 branch of the code and found that this hack is no longer needed as it is now an Option. Great!

Note that I also have "copy on selection" checked in the Profile

But, I find that after selecting "PuTTY style Paste", the middle/right buttons didn't swap functionality as expected.

With PuTTY style paste unchecked, I have:

MIDDLE: un-shifted: paste shifted: paste
RIGHT: un-shifted: popup menu shifted: popup menu

With PuTTY style paste checked, I have:

MIDDLE: un-shifted: paste shifted: popup menu
RIGHT: un-shfited: paste shifted: paste

The question is why the "un-shifted MIDDLE" does the 'paste' operation instead of popup-menu with PuTTY style paste checked?

I found in the code the revision 1665 which adds a call to Vte.Terminal.do_button_press_event(self.vte, event) in un-shifted/un-ctrl is what does the paste instead of the popup menu.

If I remove the call to that method or change it to require SHIFT, the behaviour is what I expected: un-shifted MIDDLE will give the popup menu.


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Can't decide if I consider this as incorrect. I'm trying to think if PuTTY does a pop-up menu on unshifted middle click. If I recall correctly it is actually used to extend the current selection, but I'll need to check later. (Usually Shifted Left-click is used for extending the selection under Linux.) Not sure if it will be possible to completely mimic PuTTY's mode of operation, as it would involve over-riding quite a few normal actions.

David Goldfarb (dwgoldfarb) said : #2

Thanks for the quick response. The confusion I had was that I expected that "PuTTY style Paste" would simply reverse the buttons 2/3, as most users of the "hack" are used to, but the setting does more than that currently.

I looked at the bug report which prompted revision 1665 "middle mouse button not passed to tmux" (https://bugs.launchpad.net/terminator/+bug/1647507) which talks about turning on Mouse Events with echo -e "\e[?1000h".

If I paste that into a Terminator Bash session then all of the buttons behave differently sending terminal control chars to the applications.

I think it would be clearer if there are separate options:
"PuTTY style Paste" -- switch buttons 2/3 many people using the former hack are used to
"Mouse buttons to Vte" -- send all events to 'Vte.Terminal.do_button_press_event(self.vte, event) ' function.

The two options are mutually exclusive and could be a "select" instead of checkboxes. Implemented as "checkboxes" logic would be something like:
        if self.config['putty_paste_style']:
            middle_click = [self.popup_menu, (widget, event)]
            right_click = [self.paste_clipboard, (use_primary, )]
            middle_click = [self.paste_clipboard, (use_primary, )]
            right_click = [self.popup_menu, (widget, event)]

        if event.button == self.MOUSEBUTTON_LEFT:
        elif event.button == self.MOUSEBUTTON_MIDDLE:
            if self.config['send_mouse_events_to_vte']: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< new option
                   return Vte.Terminal.do_button_press_event(self.vte, event)
        elif event.button == self.MOUSEBUTTON_RIGHT:
            if self.config['send_mouse_events_to_vte']: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< new option
                   return Vte.Terminal.do_button_press_event(self.vte, event)

Just a suggestion...I have already made it work the way I need.

Thanks again.

Brendan Holmes (whiling) said : #3

Would be good to get this fixed. My experience of Putty Style Paste is middle-click and right-click both paste. Hence access to the menu is lost.

Shift-middle brings up the menu. But I only figured I could access the menu this way because of this thread. Anyone who doesn't read this, will be stuck without access to Preferences. I had to edit my ~/.config/terminator.conf to disable Putty Style Paste. Middle click should bring up the menu without having to shift.

Danny Bud (danny-bud) said : #4

Tip: Use the keyboard menu button to load the menu. Usually it is to the right of the spacebar.

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