Text selection at the right-side window after vertical split

Asked by Nybble on 2017-03-20

System: Archlinux 64-bit. Gnome-shell

After a vertical split, the separator in the middle appeared to be very slim but it's actually wide for drag. For this reason, the left-most letter on each line in the right window cannot be selected from the left. To select a full line, I have to start from the end of the line and move left to reach the beginning of the line.

I tried to change "separator size" but nothing changed.
Anything I can do to have a fix?

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I have to make assumptions, as you haven't provided enough info. You are using a gtk3 version of Terminator.

What I can't judge is what version. 1.90 or 1.91, or the nightly.

This is one of the really annoying trends in theming. Oversizing the grabbable area is something that is theme dependant, and therefore some people see it, some don't. In 1.91 there are fixes to remove the oversize area for those themes identified as doing this. Of course some people / themes will not work without oversizing, because they do dumb stuff like make the grabber super skinny. If you are using 1.91 and seeing this, then you need to identify which theme, so a theme specific fix can be added like here:

Another possibility is that you have a newer version of gtk which have (yay!) broken the use of classes as css identifiers. So the "fix" files need converting to use node names instead of class names.

Nybble (wuxb45) said : #2

@Stephen It's gtk3 3.22.10 and Terminator 1.91. The problem has been there for sometime.

I was using the default theme (adwaita)
When I change to numix-gtk-theme the problem is gone. So I think it's the theme's problem.