Dump all terminal pane contents to text file

Asked by Julien Nicoulaud on 2016-11-30

Is there a function or plugin to save all terminal contents to a text file ?

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Stephen Boddy
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There is the included plugin option (as a plugin) to log the *ongoing* output of *a* terminal to a file. There are 3rd party plugins on github that will save the current scrollback buffer to a text file.

But you seem to be asking for a "screenshot" like function that is textual for all terminals in the running instance. Or have I misunderstood? It certainly is possible to do as a wishlist item. There'd be a bunch of questions, i.e. Just save what is visible for the terminal, or the whole scrollback buffer? Should the layout be (partially) preserved as part of the output (very hard to do) or just save them one after the other (much easier)?

Julien Nicoulaud (nicoulaj) said : #2

No, sorry for being unclear, I just want the dump the full history of current terminal pane to a file.
The use case is: launch a command, forget to redirect output => you have to mouse select all terminal pane and copy paste it to a file.

Thank you, I found it: https://github.com/camillo/TerminatorPlugins

Julien Nicoulaud (nicoulaj) said : #3

Thanks Stephen Boddy, that solved my question.