Moving "Always on Top" and "Hide from Taskbar" from Global config to Profiles

Asked by Naman Dixit on 2016-07-04

In my setup, one Terminator window opens up at startup and acts like a drop-down terminal. I sometimes also open terminal in specific directories using file manager. I would like the drop-down one to stay on top until hidden manually and to not show up in the taskbar; and I wouldn't want any of these when opening a separate window. However, both these settings are global and effect all the instances of Terminator.

Is it possible somehow to override these global settings "locally"? If not, is there any way to specify another config file to be loaded while starting?

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The manual (F1) is your friend ;-) Or even terminator -h

There is a command line option "-g" that takes a different config file as an argument. You would probably want to use a different config for your hidden/on top instance. You will also need to be sure to disable the DBUS interface for this instance with "-u". If you don't the first instance run will create the window instead with the unwanted config when you try to launch a second Terminator with the default config. In techie terms the first run of Terminator will try to daemonize by default to save resources. By blocking that with the "-u" for your hidden/on top instance, then it is isolated and will not interfere with the second, default config, instance.

Moving the hidden/on top settings into Profile doesn't make sense, as a window can contain multiple terminals and each can use a different profile. So which profiles settings should the window use? Perhaps these would make sense to be moved (or better added as overrides) to the layout pane for individual windows, but that will be quite an invasive change. You could add this as a feature request (raise a bug and it will get flipped to wishlist) if you think it is important to you to have just the one instance capable of both styles of operation.

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