IN/ACTIVITY WATCH IDEA: echo at the notification area the last line of the shell, Also will be nice to configure the timeout for reporting

Asked by Andrés on 2016-03-30

It will be nice if:
.- The IN/ACTIVITY WATCH plugin echoes at the notification area the last line of the shell,
.- Also will be nice to configure the timeout for reporting activity or inactivity

Thank you very much

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Feature requests should be filed as bugs, which will then be marked as Wishlist items.

As to your ideas, displaying the last line could be rather ugly. It could be 1 character, or a thousand.

There is no config gui for this plugin, so these settings must be done in the config file. There are some improvements in 0.98 that implement/add:
  inactive_period =10.0
  watch_interval = 5000
  hush_period = 10.0

(Periods in seconds, interval in ms)
inactive_period is how long it takes for the console to be considered idle. However the watch_interval is a timer to perform the check, so in theory it could be ~15 seconds before the idle alert appears.

hush_period is how long after an activity alert before we consider new activity to be a new event.

Note that this is all detailed in the manual.

If this is not the timeout you are referring to, you will need to be a bit more explicit.

Andrés (sendery) said : #2

First of all thank you very much for your awesomly fast response.
Second, sorry for posting it this section.

Third, the timeouts that i did mention was the same as inactive_period.

I understand what you said about "displaying the last line could be rather ugly", but if the string is limited to a size that fits the notification bubble some times will be very useful for the case where, the inactive_period is not big enough so yuo get a middle trace of a compiler for example or to get the result of a script that could end in \n FAIL | \n SUCCESS

Anyway thank you very much for the best shell that I have ever try.

OK, So you should raise a bug (which will then be set to a wishlist) for the bit about adding the last line to the notification. It would be pretty simple to do this yourself if you (or another person) have any Python coding skills. The functions in question are: