Are there any discussions of moving to git ?

Asked by Haim Daniel on 2015-11-13

I really hate the heretic wars of one vcs vs another, but I have to ask this one, so here goes:

When I had some ideas of contributing to this terrific project, my ramp up was rather slow due to the bazaar vcs. It came up to me that I wasn't the only one to struggle with it. In my humble opinion the project can actually benefit from being easier to picking up in terms of version control and thus increasing the contributors community.

I understand that there were descent reasons at the time of the project's conceiving - but are they stand still as git evolved ?

So getting down to it - is there any ongoing discussion on the $subj, and if so what are their status ?


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The project is quite firmly embedded in existing, mature Launchpad integration. Git is now available as an option for projects within Launchpad, but when I last discussed this and looked into it, there were a few areas where git was not yet equivalent. For example there is no analogue of the bzr --fixes lp:12345. Another "problem" as I see it is the fact that Git has a nasty default of flattening branches, whereas in bazaar a branch is a first class object, and all commits in all branches are preserved.

Then there is also an element of reluctance on my part. As the current maintainer, main contributor of fixes, features, etc. I'm already comfortable with bazaar. If there was a larger pool of regular contributors who all wanted to switch, then I would bow to the consensus, but at the moment a switch is just overhead without benefit for me. At the moment most contributions are comparatively small, or drive-by one shots.

Alberto Fanjul Alonso (albfan) said : #2

Hi, I was using terminator for years and now is time to contribute.

I managed a bridge from git to bzr for terminator.

using script you can keep uptodate with bzr repo and make contributions (on github)

Now I'm finished several myself long wanted features, and looking to go all the way back to bzr:

- Sort and filter on shorcuts
- Show/hide tabs with popup or shortcut
- Test i18n without install (even for glade)

This post shows clear bzr will be the vcs to use, so any guide to propose new features? having code in sync with bzr repo is plain to cherry-pick desire commits and push to bzr. Doing that the gap between git and bzr users could be narrowed.

Hi Alberto. So assuming you can create a simple diff out of git, you can attach that to a bug, and it'll get applied (conditions apply, such as it works, is complete, fits with the project etc).

The problem comes if you are working on a bigger, more invasive change. Then it can be a bit harder to review prior to merge.

You say that bazaar puzzles you. See

Those are enough to create your local branches, commit changes, then push them up to launchpad. You can then flag them for merging, other people can review the changes, then assuming all is good, the branch can be merged, preserving all your branch history.

Alberto Fanjul Alonso (albfan) said : #4

After some try/fail here it is.

It offers two different changes, and it is only translated to spanish, but I can rework on two branches if it is better for review.

Alberto Fanjul Alonso (albfan) said : #5

Hi Stephen. I'm revisiting this:

I found problems with related with bzr and python 2.7.13

I fix that using LANG=C and installing this workaround for fast-export.

Did you suffer this problem? If so, any definitive solutions on this?

I'm still not able to work from bzr directly, but there's something I didn't catch at all. I was working over tag 0.98 and seems to be the only tag who has doc/manual and doc/apidoc directories is that for any reason?

Another doubt is: Why the change from 0.98 to tag 1.90?

I ask in terms of understand bzr workflow.

Can you help with this problem?

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