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Asked by josuebrunel on 2015-10-16

Hi guys !!!
I wanted to learn how to write terminator plugins, but i couldn't get the terminatorlib from pypi. Why isn't it on pypi ? Is it related to a License issue ?
I know i can find it in /usr/share/terminator but i would have been great to have it from pypi


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PyPi was (as far as I'm aware) never something the project did, and in the time I've been involved this is only the second mention of PyPi. If someone wanted to step up and do whatever would be required to submit, and keep up a PyPi entry, then there is no fundamental objection. For me it is not considered a priority. Anyone who is just a user is either going to be using a prebuilt distro specific package (or updated package like the nightlies hosted here on Launchpad). Anyone who wants to get into development would need to use bazaar/launchpad to branch and submit updates. So I'm not sure what extra value PyPi adds to that.

PyPi feels more like a place of last resort to track down libraries when your distro doesn't have something, or it is too old. Are there many end-user GUI type apps on PyPi? I see libraries, plugins, add-ons, frameworks, command-line tools and that sort of thing, but not applications. Some examples of end-user Python apps that are not in PyPi: Calibre, Eric, Meld, Exaile, Pitivi, OpenShot.

josuebrunel (josuebrunel) said : #2

Hi @Stephen,
Thanks for the reply. I'm kind of new to terminator as user but i got interested into writing plugins for Terminator. Unfortunately for me, every time i look for a library, PyPi seems to be my reference. Sorry for not digging deep enough to notice that the ***terminatorlib*** and ***terminator*** are the same. I got misled by the title of the rep in /usr/share/terminator.