Saving group names & group members?

Asked by Marcus on 2015-04-28


I would like to be able to save my custom group names and group members so that I do not have to create and add my terminals manually everytime I launch terminator. I use it everyday and this would streamline my use of terminator. Is this functionality already there or?

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Marcus, you don't say what version of terminator you are using.

0.97 already has layouts which save the window, the open panes layout, and the assigned groups. This seems like it does what you want. If you use the nightly there are even more things saved in a layout, but the bits you asked about should already be there.

Abhi Das (abhijith-das) said : #2


I'm a terminator newbie and I have the same issue as Marcus. I have terminator-0.97-4.fc20.noarch, which fedora tells me is the latest available. I don't see a way to add groups and save them to the config file. Atleast the preferences GUI doesn't seem to have any provision for it. I have googled around quite a bit but couldn't figure out how to do it.

For some context, here's what I'd like to do: I manage cluster machines and would like to set up terminator such that as soon as I launch terminator with a layout, it should ssh into a bunch of machines, group them as specified and set up broadcast on those groups.

As a simple example, I'd like to connect to two machine clusters - Alpha (a1, a2, a3, a4) and Beta (b1, b2, b3, b4). On launch, I'd like terminator to open 8 shells according to my layout, assign 1-4 to group Alpha, assign 5-8 to group Beta, ssh to the respective machines and set up broadcast on the two groups. Is this even possible currently?

My apologies for the lengthy query, but any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Abhi,

Hmmm. Maybe I wasn't clear.

1. Open your windows and split them to your liking.
2. Configure groups and titlebar strings *directly in the open windows*
3. Open Prefs
4. "Add" the layout with a new name
5. Set the profile and custom command for each terminal in the prefs layout.
6. Close prefs
7. Close all windows
8. Launch terminator with -l "new name". This should open your previous setup with grouping and titlebar strings you configured, and running the commands.

What you are doing is precisley the way I use Terminator, and why I added half this stuff. In the latest trunk revisions, a number of additional items are detected when you "Add" the layout. From the trunk Changelog:
    * When saving, a layout now remembers:
      * maximised and fullscreen status (Steve Boddy)
      * window titles (Steve Boddy, LP#1192960)
      * which tab was active (Steve Boddy)
      * which terminal was active (Steve Boddy, LP#858268)
      * working directory for each terminal (MoMaT, LP#1157422) plus
        additional GUI code (Steve Boddy)

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