How do I start a profile in a new tab?

Asked by Alan on 2014-02-12

I would like to be able to do the equivalent of Gnome Terminal's action:

(Menu -> ) File -> Open Tab -> (choose a profile) ->
    New tabs opens with the chosen profile.

Is that possible in Terminator?

Related: what is the point in in the Command in a profile (Right-click -> Preferences -> Profiles -> (choose a non-default profile) -> Command tab -> Custom command). The command is not run when I change profiles. AFAICT different profiles in Terminator are purely cosmetic (change size, colours, ...).

In Gnome terminal I have the profiles set up with different commands (bash, ipython, ssh), so use the menu sequence above to switch the program (e.g. from bash to ipython). Is it at all possible to do that with terminator?

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Hi Alan,

No, not at this time. I don't think I'd like to overload the right-click context menu "Open Tab" to have a submenu like the (Menu -> ) File -> Open Tab -> (choose a profile) of gnome-terminal. Even in gnome-terminal, their right-click menu does not expand that way. Perhaps this could be done with an extra shortcut, and a popup chooser, or a modified right click with an extended menu.

A profiles custom command is executed when when you launch terminator from the command line, i.e.
    terminator -p alternate
where the profile alternate has a custom command of "top". The reason why it doesn't happen when you switch profiles is probably down to unpredicatability about commands exiting and handling all of that as people swap profiles. The profiles also control the scrollback buffer size, and various compatibility features.

Your last question, I'd have to say no, not really. As I say, I can think of several ways to add the ability, but as very conscious of avoiding massive menus and cluttered interface.

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Alan (3-launchpad-net) said : #2

Thanks Stephen Boddy, that solved my question.