Wishlist: select text then right click to paste (like PuTTy))

Asked by Juan Fernandes

In PuTTy you can select text (which copies it) then you right click to paste it.

I have a a modified version of the Gnome Terminal in Ubuntu working like this using this - http://www.taika.org/~tomba/gnome-terminal/index.html

What do you think?

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Stephen Boddy (stephen-j-boddy) said :

First of all, I've always hated that right click behaviour in Putty. I'm too used to middle-click paste, as that is how X based terminals have been.

Second, (just incase) you realise that this is Termina**tor** not Termina**l**, right? Or is that just an example patch and you think this would be useful as a feature in Terminator?

If you do mean in Terminator, this should be filed as a wishlist (create it as a bug, and it would be changed to a wishlist item). If someone does create a patch, I'll stipulate right now that this wouldn't be default, and I'd expect the various additional bits (GUI, config, and man page updates) not just a small patch.

Something not entirely obvious to me (I don't code C) is what you did with the normal right-click context menu. If I've understood right you are moving it to <ANY MODIFIER>+<right mouse click>.

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Juan Fernandes (fernandes-juan) said :

Thanks for the reply.

The reason I use the right click paste, as opposed to your preferred way and the way of X, is that I don't have a middle button. I can't just change my mouse as this one mean I can cope with my RSI.

I am aware that its Termina**tor** and not Terminal. I liked the idea of Terminator and thought it would be a nice to have feature, hence the request.

I looked for a way to log a feature request/wishlist but it was not obvious.

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Juan Fernandes (fernandes-juan) said :

I'd be happy for it to be an option as opposed to a default setting.

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Stephen Boddy (stephen-j-boddy) said :

Hi Juan, clicking both mouse buttons together should simulate middle-click (although it is admittedly rather hit and miss) on a 2 button mouse.

To create a feature request/wishlist use the "+ Create bug report" link that should be just below this text. Don't worry that it is a bug, I'll change it to a wishlist item afterwards.

Lastly, you didn't answer my question about the normal right-click context menu in my last response.

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Michael Watson (mwatson128) said :

Can I second this request and go on to say I would put money in a crowd fundraising effort to get this done.

I'm accustomed to putty's way of doing things because I had to use Windows when first using Unix/Vi and have just gotten used to it. I agree also that it's a feature not many people would want, so I'm totally OK with it being a selectable behavior from the preferences menu.

I've just discovered terminator and I love it! I work in a production environment with many Solaris and Linux host that I must monitor especially during a production outage, so to have many windows open and watching different environments is awesome. However, I really miss my ability to right mouse paste. The fix could be that a check box switches the middle mouse button and right mouse button behavior for the user. I use the paste often and the context menu rarely, so that is a good trade off for me.

I do program in C and have coded Python before though I'm a novice in that language. I just don't have a lot of extra time to work on it or the experience in this application that it would take to make this happen.

Is there a feature reward page where one can offer a bounty on bugs or features?

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Michael Watson (mwatson128) said :

Hold the phone! I just found this guys blog about how to edit a python file to get this desired result. You simply copy and paste the stuff under event.button == 2 and the stuff under event.button == 3 and you're done. Great hack! Must be repeated each time you upgrade your terminator app but kudos for simplicity!


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Peter Fabian (fabo-sk) said :

I'll add that I'd also love this option. I'll go see if there is a feature request, else I'll create one.

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Jan-Philip Gehrcke (jgehrcke) said :

I also wish to have this feature, as an option. The middle click is often not ergonomically reachable.

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jos (jos-v-roosmalen) said :

What is the status of this feature request? The fact that the owner hates how Putty works (right mouse paste, select copy) is not trivial. You need to develop what people want to use if you want to develop software what is used by others. The fact is that Putty is one of the leading SSH Clients (on windows), so its default behaviour is soon the default way of working for a lot of people. Also note that laptops don't have a middle mouse, and for sure you can define a software solution, but that is not straight forward.

This thread is a lot of talking for a simple change in the pref box (to enable) and the logic to facilitate this.

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Phill Kenoyer (phill-r) said :

Why not just change your mouse buttons so button two (middle button) is button three (right button)? Then you can click the right mouse button for paste in any application.

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