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Asked by Anaximander Thales on 2013-11-12

I see in the title menu of each terminal the ability to print the terminal number.

I thought I saw something about using that, but at the time I was searching for things, it wasn't in my scope of interest, so I never bothered bookmarking it and now I'll be damned if I can find it again.

What is the use of the terminal numbers? Is it possible to invoke a command from one terminal and output to another terminal? Just trying to figure it out, and my google fu is borked on this one.


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I added this because at one point I was logging into many systems named xxxxxx01 - xxxxxx20 simultaneously. (We now have layouts which are more powerful anyway, so this is not such a common use for me now)

It's also useful to stagger commands - you can do something like: sleep [[ <termnum> * 20 ]]; <command>
So every twenty seconds the next window runs <command>. Think: staggered restarts of a horizontally scaled application.

There's no interaction/redirection between terminals like you describe.

Ahh -- okay.

Thank you.