0.97 --new-tab does not open new tab

Asked by Owen on 2013-05-24

I recently installed terminator 0.97 in Ubuntu 12.04 and from the command line, executing terminator --new-tab does not open a new tab in the existing terminator - it opens a new window. Am I doing something wrong? Am I expecting something that I shouldn't be?

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  • 2013-06-20 by Owen
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Owen (owen-parrish) said : #2

I'm still having this issue.

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Have you activated the DBus server under Preferences. Looks like it only works when it's on.

Owen (owen-parrish) said : #5

That definitely solved opening a new tab. It seems like --new-tab doesn't work with --layout though. If I use the two together, I just get a new tab. Should I expect the two to work together?

Not on the same invocation. If I understand, you would like to open a saved layout in a new tab of an already open window?

Layouts (as currently coded) can contain multiple windows, and always contain one window. These are the topmost parent widget of everything under it. So you cannot load a layout into a tab as tabs can not contain a window.

A possible enhancement would be to treat the window as a meta window and if new-tab is passed parse the tree into a new tab. This would pose a couple of problems:
1) Presumably meta-windows would each be added under their own new tab.
2) What to do with tabs in a layout (I think nested tabs were removed entirely a long time ago)

You could raise this as a feature request (in other words a bug) and it may be added if someone wants to scratch, but it's a little esoteric, so you may wait for some time.

Don't forget to mark the question as solved.

Owen (owen-parrish) said : #7

Thanks for the thorough follow up. I can accept that I cannot open a saved layout in a new tab.

Owen (owen-parrish) said : #8

Thanks Stephen Boddy, that solved my question.