give a warning when closing the window or tab

Asked by amie on 2012-12-14

I just accidentally closed a terminator windows containing a huge amount of work that seems to be lost now. It would be handy to have some completely uncool "are you sure" warning just like the normal gnome terminal has. It would be sufficient if this is configurable and switched off on default.


PS: terminator is awesome :)

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Provided the window is split, I get a notification if I try to close (titlebar button, or Alt-F4) the window. It does have a "Do not show this message next time" checkbox. I assume at some point in the past you have checked this.

You need to find the config file (for me ~/.config/terminator/config - might be elsewhere for older versions) and delete the line:
suppress_multiple_term_dialog = True

Otherwise you are asking for a confirmation even on an unsplitted window. In gnome-terminal, you can have as many tabs as you want closed without confirmation unless there is a process running under it.

You're really asking for an ehancement here, not a question. You should raise it as a "bug" and it will get marked as wishlist.

amie (amie-wang) said : #2

Thanks a million for your quick and helpful answer. I will try this and file a bug if this is still required.

To be precise: I'm using terminator 0.93 on a well matured ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)

John Robson (johnrobson) said : #3

This should be on preferences. Or better, minimize/close to tray.

Is too bad close Terminator with several processes running without an warning.