Broadcast to all terminal repeated character

Asked by Gin Tan on 2010-08-06

Terminator started to have problem lately when I tried to broadcast command to all terminals.
It was fine after the first installation and I like it so much and really want to keep using it.
Problem is it keeps repeat whichever character that I typed on the other terminals.

For example,

First terminal:
[gt-pc 11:29am ~] hostname

All the other terminal will have this:
[gt-pc 11:29am ~] hhoossttnnaammee

I have removed ~/.config/terminator and re-installed terminator but problem remains.

I created another user account and ran terminator with broadcast all, no problem at all.

So it's only my login. I have a feeling it's could be gnome config, but I don't know what should I look for.

If no one can help me out here, I have to clean up all my profile, but this will only be my last resort.

I am using Fedora 13, kernel

Version: terminator-0.93-1.fc13.noarch

Thanks in advance.

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Chris Jones (cmsj) said : #1

This is fascinating. I've seen these reports before and they too were not able to reproduce it with a fresh user.

Chris Jones (cmsj) said : #2

(I'd love to get to the bottom of the problem, but I have no idea what could be causing it, annoyingly. Perhaps create a new user and rsync over ~/.gconf/, then log in as the new user and see if it still happens?)

Angus Salkeld (asalkeld) said : #3


I did the following to work around the problem:

mv ~/.config/ibus ~/.config/ibus-saved


Steven Nguyen (stnguyen90) said : #4

I tried to remove my terminator config and also moving the ibus folder, but I still have this problem. The problem I have is:

1. open two windows or tabs
2. change one terminal to broadcast to all
3. hit a key such as 'a'
4. all other terminals then show 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

Anyone else figure out why this is exactly happening?

Senninek (senninek) said : #5

I have very the same issue with Ubuntu 14.04. When I am trying to broadcast command to group of terminals or to all of them I get character repeated (sometimes only twice - when I put 'ls' I got 'llss', sometimes it just hangs my terminal with repeated only one letter over and over again).

Having exactly the same problem, using Ubuntu 14.10

Tried a lot of things.
~/.config/ibus renaming did not help
New user created, same problem
While terminator was having the problem I could reproduce a solution with "killall ibus-daemon"; without restarting terminator program the behavior was normal after the killall.
Found System Settings --> Language Support --> Keyboard Input Method System : None, then restart your session (logout/login), then problem was solved.

Don't know implications of this configuration change, but it seems to work without hacking.

Metin OSMAN (mosmanmix) said : #8


quite an old issue, but I got this upgrading from 18.04 to 18.10.

Confirming the solution proposed by Bert van der Horst still works.


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