FEATURE REQUEST: Auto-tiling and grouping profiles

Asked by ott0ne on 2010-03-11


I want to thank you for this software, which is great, and it even exceeds clusterssh in my opinion.

I'd like to ask if there are plans to add to Terminator these two features:

1) An auto-tiling function, e.g. the terminals in the same tab are dimensioned as equally as possibile, on a keybinding. For example, if I have a 324 x 100 characters tab, and 4 variously dimensioned terminals on it, I press a key combination and the four terminals all become 80x25 (with a one line dragbar upon them).

2) Grouping profiles, a function which lets me choose different ways to group the terminals on the same tab. For example, I have a tab with four terminals on four servers:
a) a linux webserver
b) a solaris webserver
c) a linux database
d) a solaris database

I'd need to group the two webservers for certain operations, but the two solaris machines for other operations, so I'd need to group the webservers, ungroup all, then group the solaris machines, ungroup all, the group again the webs... It would be easier to make group profiles and to switch from one profile to another.

Best regards.

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Chris Jones (cmsj) said : #1

Item 1 sounds like it should have a bug filed, which we can mark as a wishlist item.

I may be misunderstanding you, but isn't item 2 already covered by our grouping mechanism?

ott0ne (sergio-dimico) said : #2


About item 1, are you saying that I have to open a bug with this request?

About item 2, Terminator version 0.13 doesn't cover grouping profiles, afaik.
For any set of open terminals, there is only a single way at any time
to group them. There's no way to decide in advance a number of
different ways to group the open terminals (that's what I call
"profiles"), and there's no mechanism to switch from a profile to

In the example of the four terminals I made
({linux,solaris}{webserver,dbms}), I could be able to decide to make a
grouping scheme with the linux machines together (groupname "Linux")
and the solaris machines together (groupname "Solaris"). At the same
time, I would need to switch to a different group scheme, with the two
webservers together (groupname "Webs") and the two DBMS together
(groupname "DBs"), pressing a single key combination.

I hope I've been clearer this time.

Thank you.

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> Item 1 sounds like it should have a bug filed, which we can mark as a
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> I may be misunderstanding you, but isn't item 2 already covered by our
> grouping mechanism?
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Sergio Di Mico <email address hidden>

Chris Jones (cmsj) said : #3

I think you can convert this question into a bug report, but it turns out that we already have a wishlist bug for this, bug #259322 :)

I think I see what you mean about the group profiles, but I'm not immediately sure I can see how we would make that easy to use. Perhaps something like an additional dumb terminal appears and lets you select multiple groups to send your input to, but right now we have no way for a terminal to belong to multiple groups.

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