Can a higher level task display the "worst" status of all sub-tasks?

Asked by Dave Crain on 2017-09-22

With an abundance of tasks in my list, I often work with most of my list collapsed. This can hide problem areas. Is there anyway to have tasks/folders display the most pressing status of subtasks under them?

For instance, if I have a task with 6 sub-tasks - 1 in progress, 2 not started, and 3 overdue, can I have the high level task set itself to red to indicate there are overdue tasks below it? This way even when collapsed I know there is an urgent situation.

Alternatively, is there a column of some other notifier I could use to be made aware of this situation?


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Aaron Wolf
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Best Aaron Wolf (wolftune) said : #1

I apologize for not having time to test and verify these ideas but:

Besides using "priority" and showing that column as a sort, you are focused on the date-based states which makes sense. If you go to the gear icon on the right side of the top of the task viewer, you can show extra tools. Some of those are specific filters for "late" or "overdue" or "due soon" etc. Each of those filters can hide or show each type of state, and you can shift-click to hide all BUT that state. So, if you hide all but overdue, then you will see items that are overdue such that the items that themselves aren't overdue but that contain overdue subtasks should show up.

You can also access the same things under the View>Filter menu, but there's no way to quickly do "show only overdue" like the shift-click when you expose the tool as I mentioned above.


Dave Crain (craino) said : #2

Thanks Aaron - this is a good solution. Hopefully I can remember the shift-click. Would be great to have a formatting solution, or even a new column, but this is workable.