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Asked by Antoine Leswan on 2015-02-24


I am trying to move a task from one category to another. When I try and drag and drop the task into a new category, it moves the category itself instead of just the task. When I try and copy it and and paste it into the new category, it only pastes into the old category. The only way I have found to be able to change categories is to manually use Toggle Categories to first add it to a new category, and then remove it from the old category, but this takes far too long and is a terrible workflow.

What should I do different?

Running OS X Yosemite running version 1.3.4 of TaskCoach, thanks!

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Aaron Wolf (wolftune) said : #1

You cannot drag and drop tasks into categories, that's a request here

There's also

Anyway, it makes no sense to drag and drop from one category to another because categories are *tags* where any task can have multiple categories. Again: categories are not one or another, they are not boxes. Most of my tasks are tagged with *multiple* categories.

You can edit the categories of a given task by opening the task editor (double click or hit ENTER) and go to the categories tab where you can easily check and uncheck the preferred categories.

Okay sure, but let me demonstrate why this is essentially broken.

I use a lot of subcategories and only drop tasks at the bottom of a subcategory list, since otherwise it is impossible to show the tasks separately. For example, if there is a Goals category, and then a Goals subcategory of Future Goals, I cannot drop tasks into Goals and then show only them without having all of the Future Goals shown as well. This functionality is somewhat broken, but essentially what it forces is to only have tasks present at the bottom of the subcategory list, as mentioned above.

Therefore, if I have a task that is in one category which is down a long list of subcategories, and I want to move it to another category since I am reorganizing my tasks, then I have to select the task, and use the Toggle Category functionality, move down all these subcategories until I find the one I want, click it. Then do the same thing over and move down all the subcategory trees until I hit the one where it's presently at and unclick it. That is to move tasks (multiple can be selected at the same time), whereas dragging and dropping (or some other way that is more intuitive) would be much, much better. I stare at the category I want on the right-hand side and just hope that there is a way to easily move this task there but it is not possible.

Likewise, you can use the method you mentioned but it is hardly relevant since you can only select one task at a time and using that functionality is cumbersome as well.

When you are constantly moving towards greater complexity and organization such as I am with the organization of my tasks, the ability to quickly move tasks between categories is very, very useful. Anyways, I will think of an intuitive way to do this but in the meantime thanks for the answer.

Aaron Wolf (wolftune) said : #3

"then I have to select the task, and use the Toggle Category functionality, "

No. Do not do it that way. The categories tab in the task editor allows you to see all the categories in full view and check them as you like. It is not the Toggle Category function, it's a tab in the editor, it's different.

"you can only select one task at a time "

No. You can edit multiple tasks at the same time by selecting them all and then pressing ENTER to edit them.

So, it is reasonably easy this way to find all the tasks with a category, select them all, open the editor, and click off the category you don't want and click the categories you do. That's it.


Hi there,

I understood when you explained the method of selecting a task and pressing Enter to access the category tab that way, but I tried it (and have just confirmed it again) and if you select multiple tasks and press Enter, the category tab is not available.

It is if you only have one task, but it seems that using the Toggle Category functionality is the only way to change the categories of multiple tasks simultaneously.


Aaron Wolf (wolftune) said : #5

Ah, sorry, you're right.

I guess the only work-around is selecting multiple and using the Toggle menu thing…

Well, as I said originally, there's requests for better functioning. If you or anyone you know wants to help with the coding in Python, that could do it. Otherwise, we can hope to get to it sometime and you can add your vote.

Sorry it isn't smoother right now.

Hey no problem, such is the way of open-source freeware, believe me I'm not complaining!

I'm not too interested in digging into the codebase but I would be more interested in contributing to some sort of a feature bounty, if such a concept exists or if you guys have considered it before. In the meantime I will definitely survive, it is mostly just during occasional reorganizations that I run into any sort of bothersome time losses.

Thanks to you and all the other developers though, definitely! :)

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