App window is refreshing now and then (no particular action)

Asked by toomuch

Is it necessary that the table view (containing the tasks) refreshes so "often"? Even in background it does this..It's kind of annoying.
Also: Can you suppress this, when creating/editing tasks? Would be nice.

(Win7 x64, Task Coach 1.2.4)

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Jérôme Laheurte (fraca7) said :

It's intended. In the latest versions of Task Coach, you can specify start/end times, not only dates. So a task may change status (and thus colour, etc) every minute; we have to refresh the task views to reflect the changes.

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toomuch (toomuch) said :

Hmmm...Can I somehow prevent Task Coach from loading?
Or maybe you could implement an option for the user to decide whether he wants to load automatically or by clicking on a button, that's not there at the moment.

Would you do that for me (and probably lots of other users out there)? ;)

Keep up the good work!

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Frank Niessink (frank-niessink) said :

You mean you want to prevent the refreshing? Then you will get out of date information. I think a better solution would be to make the refreshing less visible. Most of the time nothing changes but Task Coach still redraws the whole task tree, it should be smarter at that. I'll see what I can do about that.

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toomuch (toomuch) said :

You got my point.
Either inserting a button to refresh manually or making it less visible could be a solution.

I appreciate your effort!

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toomuch (toomuch) said :

With version 1.2.7, this problem is solved. :D