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Asked by Merry Perry

Is there a way to re-order tasks & subtasks? I typed some subtasks in the wrong order and can’t figure out a way to move them so that they appear in the order in which they need to be done.

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Frank Niessink
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Frank Niessink (frank-niessink) said :

You can sort by due date, that would presumably put them in the right order. To sort by a specific column, click on the column header. Alternatively, use the View->Sort menu.

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Merry Perry (merrypmac) said :

One of the tasks for which I typed the subtasks in the wrong order is to convert a database from FileMaker Pro to Bento. The first thing I have to do is export the info, then import it into the new program, then add more records. I have no particular due date for this-it is whenever I can find the time. Other tasks are for needlework projects, which involve charting the design (in one case), doing the stitching before blocking, before mounting and framing, etc. Again, no due date. I numbered the first subtasks that were wrong and they appear in the right order if I sort by subject, but I don’t want to sort the whole list by subject, just those particular subtasks. If I drag a subtask to try to move it, it just ends up as another subtask under the one where I tried to put it. Not what I want.

I would like a status column on the tree list, but have not found a way to do that. Am I overlooking something?

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Best Frank Niessink (frank-niessink) said :

If you don't want to use date, you can use priority to put the tasks in the right order.

Release 1.2 will support explicit dependencies between tasks so you can specify that task B should be inactive until task A is completed.

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Merry Perry (merrypmac) said :

That’s a good idea, but I found another solution. If I number the subtasks and then sort on subject, it puts them in the right order. If I then re-sort by due date, they stay in numerical order.

The explicit dependencies will be very nice, though, and definitely will solve the problem.


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toomuch (toomuch) said :

You could also sort via priority.