Task Coach is getting slower and slower

Created by Jérôme Laheurte
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There are a few reasons why Task Coach may become slower the more you use it. This list is not exhaustive and may get updated later.

1. Automatic import/export to TODO.txt format: if you have the "save after every change" option enabled, this will also export the data on every modification. This may slow down Task Coach considerably depending on your disk performance and task count. You can disable either option from the File tab in the preferences.

2. Deleted tasks: When you delete a task, Task Coach does not actually delete it but just marks it deleted. Those deleted tasks may affect performance just as regular ones. There is currently no way to simply "purge" those but a workaround is to select all tasks, and use "Save selected tasks" from the File menu to create a new file and work with this one after.

3. Delta file growing: if your task file is on a shared drive, each time you open it from a new computer this file grows. Merging data from and to this file happens on every save and may affect performance significantly, though in normal use cases it also shrinks when data is merged back on each computer. You can delete this file as long as you make sure all Task Coach instances are closed on every computer.