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I am using Tacker on devstack, playing with cli : tacker nfv-update ..
I think there may be a bug in tacker/tacker/vm/ on how it loads yaml from a file.
This said, I am wondering what nfv-update is expected to update. Is it the attributes field
of the vnf, or the "config" field inside it ?

Similarly, the device mgr (e.g tacker/tacker/vm/mgmt_drivers/ seems to receive
twice the device_dict parameter), directly and inside kwargs).

In the end a device mgr would have to communicate with vdu instances, is there some
helper functions to identify them ? (as oppose to rely on names patterns)

Thanck you


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Sripriya (sseetha) said :

Hi Nicolas, Welcome to Tacker!

The vnf-update when passed with --config-file or --config argument should update the vnf instance with the specified configuration. The config is passed as an attribute within device body and the content of config is what that should get updated on the vnf for instance.

for example:

vnf-update <vnf_id> --config-file <example_config_yaml>

let us say, if the content of <example_config_yaml> looks something like:
ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth1

then once you login on the instance itself you should be able to see the eth0 and eth1 assigned with the specifc ips.

The job of the device manager is to run whatever config you have provided during vnf-create or during vnf-update using --config-file or --config attribute and run it on the instance

In tacker, you can find supported device drivers under tacker->vm->mgmt_drivers. currently we are only supporting the openwrt mgmt_driver. you can look into file to undertsand how it updates the config on the openwrt instance.

There is no helper function to identify the drivers, however you can always look into below link to identify the list of supported mgmt_drivers :

Hope this helps. Feel free to ping us on #tacker IRC channel for any questions. We are always happy to welcome new tackers!


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Vasubabu Kandimalla (vasubabukandimalla9) said :

Hi Sripriya,

Could you please help me out with working sample yaml for tacker vnf-update.


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Abhijeet (abhijeet-karve) said :

Hi sripriya,

Thanks for your valuable input. I am also trying same likewise pushing hostname to hp vsr 1000vrouter vnf through openwrt mgmt driver with vnf-update and getting msg vnfd-updated in tacker cli, but couldn't see configs are updated in vnf. Even I tried with the other vendors vnf but it seems issue remains same, not reflecting configs in vnfs.


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