how to turn on wireless in Darter Ultra Ubuntu 9.04 64bit

Asked by hopestar on 2009-09-30

I have had my system 76 darter ultra for a few weeks now and usually use my wired ethernet. So I didnt really notice that my led wireless and its associated wireless system has been turned off. My question : How do I turn it on please??
It looks disabled.

I will be most grateful for all help.

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Thomas Aaron (tom-system76) said : #1

Please right-click on the Network Manager icon in the upper right corner of your lcd. In the resulting submenu, make sure that the "Enable Wirless" checkbox is selected.

hopestar (lrsinger2) said : #2

Thank you Thomas.
Unfortunately the system is not allowing me to check it off.

Thomas Aaron (tom-system76) said : #3

Please follow the instructions below carefully, and then see if you are able to check the box.

To fix your /etc/network/interfaces file, go to a terminal
(Application > Accessories > Terminal) and enter the following command:

sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

This will launch a text editor with the interfaces file opened in it.

In this file, put a comment (#) in front of EVERY line of the file
EXCEPT for these two lines:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

Click SAVE on the text editor and reboot your computer.

Unless you are dealing with static IP addresses (which is pretty rare for the
general end-user) you should NOT establish a network connection by going to
System > Administration > Network.

Instead, you should connect to the Internet using the Network Manager icon
in the upper right corner of your screen (the one that looks like a little
computer monitor).

hopestar (lrsinger2) said : #4

Hi Thomas,
The text editor showed that there was no (#) in front of those 2 lines and there was no other lines.
I still am unable to enable the wireless network connection in Network Manager applet in gnome 9.04.
What I am wishing for is a manager that can scan for wireless networks with my laptop that I can connect to. Leaving my wired ethernet available if I am at home or a stable location.

Ethernet fine. Wireless not,

Thomas Aaron (tom-system76) said : #5

Please boot from a live Ubuntu CD. Wireless should work out of the box with it. You should only have to left-click the network manager icon and select your network.

If it works from a live CD, then we are dealing with a configuration problem. If not, we are dealing with a hardware problem.

Best owy1 (lori-singer) said : #6

That worked. Even led light is on. Thank you so much. Very appreciated.

hopestar (lrsinger2) said : #7

Thanks owy1, that solved my question.