How do I get a replacement fan for my sable system?

Asked by acmanson on 2008-04-25

I purchased a sable system from system76 about a year ago. Since then the fan makes a
strange straining sound as the cpu load goes up. Do I need a replacement fan? If so
where can I get it and how can I install it?

Thank You
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Best Thomas Aaron (tom-system76) said : #1


The CPU fan will throttle up and down as the load on the cpu rises and falls. However, it would be a good idea to make sure the computer's vents are unobstructed by dust (or anything else). Please remove the cover of the machine and clean any dust from inside the unit with canned air. You can remove the top of the Sable by removing the two phillips screws on the back and then pulling the casing to the rear.

If problems continue after cleaning, contact me at support(at)system76(dot)com for further support.

acmanson (acmanson) said : #2

I blew as much dust from the interior as I a could...
After this, I noticed that the baseline fan flowrate was
reduced and the "whining" sound was reduced under
high cpu load...

It looked like changing out a broken fan could be
a complex task...Is this assessment correct? If so
I'm glad the cleaning seemed to work...

Renge (rengezo) said : #3

I have two System 76 Sables and the CPU fan on one of them is extremely noisy, all of the time. I opened it up and cleaned the fan as well as I could, but it hasn't improved and I believe the fan needs to be replaced. The problem is..........trying to figure out what fan and where to buy it from. At the very least identifying the kind of fan I need to buy would be a BIG help.

Carl Richell (carlrichell) said : #4

Hi Rebge - Please contact our support team. They'll be happy to help you with the details you need.

Click the "Go to existing orders" button. You can also give a call if you'd like - (720) 226-9269. Support is in M-F, 9-5.