Synapse doesn't remember what I pick.

Asked by Lukas Michelbacher on 2011-04-13

For example, I type "cl", looking for "emacsclient" but "terminal server client" shows up first. I have to go down in the list and select emacsclient.

Every time I launch Synapse, same thing. Synapse should remember that I prefer "emacsclient" and put it at the top of the list.

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Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #1

This happends because "cl" has a really poor match on "emacsclient" (no words starts with "cl")
But "Terminal Server Client" has one word that starts with "Cl".

If the emacsclient launcher would be "Emacs Client" then with "Cl" you'll find Emacs Client in first position.

I bet that if you search "em", emacsclient will show up =)

> This happends because "cl" has a really poor match on "emacsclient" (no words starts with "cl")
> But "Terminal Server Client" has one word that starts with "Cl".

Makes sense.

> I bet that if you search "em", emacsclient will show up =)

It does, together with other stuff that starts with "em". See the pattern? ;)

I still think the remember feature would be useful namely if I want Synapse to "learn" that by "cl" I mean emacsclient, i.e. Synapse has its internal ranking of how good matches are but matches that users associate with certain programs should rank highest. You could make it optional in case it confuses people.

Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #3

What distro do you use?

Ubuntu 10.10.

Synapse version 0.2.6~bzr433

Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #6

Please check whether "libzeitgeist-gio" is installed, and remove it if it is.

It is not installed.

doubi (doubi) said : #8

Just want to +1 this suggestion / issue.

My current problem is that in Gnome 3 (Classic) Nautilus is also known as "Files", and so far typing "fi" in "All" insists on putting "Files" at the top and what I actually want and choose way more often (Firefox, of course) at number two.

Same for when I want "Shutdown" (the meta+S shortcut for that menu having been removed in Gnome 3). Typing "sh" always gets me "Shotwell", with the Shutdown command at number 4. I have literally _never_ used Shotwell.

Yes, in both cases I could just shut up and type one letter: "fiR" for Firefox over Files, "shU" for Shutdown over Shotwell.

On the other hand, the whole _point_ of Synapse is extreme convenience. So maybe I'm not completely unreasonable in wishing to have one letter less to type time after time :-)

One other thing: I think I've been somewhat spoiled in terms of smart matching by Firefox's address bar. It might be my imagination, but even if I start off typing letters which are "a really poor match" for something in my favourites or history, it seems that after using it only a few times Firefox makes that choice the first match. I don't know if it's actually learning what _I_ mean when I type certin letters, or if that URL is just appearing higher because I've visited it that much more often, but the upshot is it feels like Ff gets to know what I want.

I'm sorry I can't currently contribute a patch myself, but if anyone feels there's merit to the concept, this might be helpful:


poikiloid (efelthauser) said : #9


I have a text file that I use constantly. Why, after typing the first two letters, is it always the 6th item in the list? It should be first. This is quite silly.

IBBoard (ibboard) said : #10

Another +1 for finding a way to get Synapse to learn. With Gnome Do it eventually learnt that "Pa" meant "pause" and "pl" meant "play" (the Banshee shortcuts).

Currently for "PL" Synapse gives me Totem (Movie Player - which I occasionally use but only by opening files, not the app) and Abobe Flash Player (which I never use in stand-along form) followed by Play.

For "pa" I get the openSUSE "Partitioner" app, a page from my history (that just contains "page" in the title) and two Hugin shortcuts, followed by Pause.

Is there any work-around, or are we stuck on "Synapse doesn't learn (despite using Zeitgeist)" for now?

Jeff Stevens (stev0175) said : #11

Yet another +1. I have the same Firefox and Shutdown problem.

Can you help with this problem?

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