How to get the dark theme?

Asked by Robert Benjamin on 2011-04-08

I read the blog post here: and on OMG!Ubuntu and instantly wanted to get the dark theme in the screenshots. I added the ppa (ppa:synapse-core/ppa), updated, and downloaded the newest version of synapse, and then changed the theme to Do-ish, but while the theme looks similar to the ones in the screenshots, the theme is light BLUE, not dark! What's up with this? How can I fix it?

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Alberto Aldegheri
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Light on Flux (lightonflux) said : #1

I think the color is the same like "selected entry" in appearance --> theme --> customize --> color --> background/selected entry

@Light on Flux: Ok, changing that definitely changes the color of the Do-ish theme, but I don't want all my selected entries throughout the whole OS to be dark grey! Is there any other way to change this that doesn't require me changing the whole OS' theme?

Best Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #3

You can change Synapse colors by adding a "gtkrc" file to ~/.config/synapse
You can download the theme you saw on my post here:

Thanks Alberto, that solved my question.

Just out of curiosity, are you planning on making it possible for themes to change color without all the rest of the themes changing color as well? Because I'd like the mini theme to be able to stay the same light grey color it was, while only making the Do-ish theme dark.

To Do (entodoays) said : #6

I like the gtkrc file but the selected background remains like the non-selected one. Is there a way to change that?

ProjectRK (projectrk) said : #7

Hi Alberto,

I am using Synapse, I am not able to change it to dark theme, I already downloaded the "gtkrc" file and put it inside .config/synapse/

still not working. Can you make a step-by-step on how?

thank you

I also have the same problem as Richard - I'm using Linux Mint Cinnamon and the ~/.config/synapse/gtkrc file did not work for me. I had a root around the source code and couldn't see anything obvious. I wonder though, was there a change to GTK 3 at some point which meant the format of this file needed to change?

In my case, I worked around it by changing the GTK colour scheme in Cinnamon by installing gtk-theme-config (there is no colour theme GUI in Cinnamon by default).